Q4 2017 - DVV Media use new SOP AdTakr

DVV Media, owner of titles such as Commercial Motor and Truck & Driver, have added further publications and upgraded to the latest SOP system, Adtakr. This version has a new GUI making it even easier to manage the multi-media bookings demanded by today's advertisers and places all of the required information to deal with CRM at the users finger-tips. Adtakr interacts with Sales Leger/Invoicing systems and for production outputs to MediaPlanner or other Ad Flat planning products.  The planned copy is then updated into the appropriate channel for final output - e.g. WoodWing Enterprise for print, Ad serving platforms for digital content. 

Q3 2017 - Sunday Business Post uses hosted WoodWing Enterprise

Sunday Business Post, Ireland's premier business related publication for more than 25 years, is now using Enterprise for the production of its pages. The initial phase has seen the gradual introduction of Enterprise to the production process, with the infrastructure being hosted by Media Systems within AWS. Future phases will see all of the publication being produced within the WoodWing CMS, the introduction of page-planning via Mediaplanner and a new Ad booking module to feed it with the required information. 

Q2 2017 - Charterhouse Production go for Elvis v5

Charterhouse Production, part of the Konica Minolta group have plumped for a new install of the latest Elvis DAM system. It will be running within AWS and thus readily available for new customers to access as needed. Charterhouse are long-time users of Elvis v4 and should realise multiple benefits to be had by using the new version. It's use of the latest search technology, Elastic search, positions Elvis v5 as one of the most advanced DAM products in the market. 

Q2 2017 - ESI live with ConTextual

ESI Media, owners of the London Evening Standard, The Independent and London Live are now using ConTextual to manage their Contributors, initially for The Independent. As for many publishers, controlling contributor commissions and accounting for them can be time consuming and difficult to do. Using ConTextual makes the process far easier, is transparent and provides a workflow with configurable approval stages. In this instance the system is running within AWS, thus reducing the need for internal servers and associated support team. Future phases should see the system more widely used across the brands and we will continue to add further functionality over the coming months. 

Q1-Q4 2016 - Time Inc UK enlist MSL for Enterprise and Elvis DAM

Time Inc UK publishes many of the most iconic magazines in the country, including such titles as Woman’s Weekly, NME, Horse & Hound and Marie Claire. After deciding to put in place a comprehensive publishing solution, MSL was asked to help bring this to fruition, initially as consultants then as implementers. The business needs dictated that a wide-ranging solution was needed and to this end WoodWing’s Enterprise and Elvis DAM products have been positioned as the core of the system. In addition there were several highly important functions that needed to be fully integrated, including the management of contributors and their content from commission through to delivery, alongside Advertising and Editorial planning via Mediaplanner.

Q3 2016 - Twixl Digital Publishing customers come on-stream

As more and more businesses look for cost-effective alternatives to their often very expensive incumbent solutions, MSL is pleased to say that many are turning to us for help and we have been able to address these needs via the Twixl Publishing platform. New customers include prominent Design agencies such as C21, Creature Media and GPD, plus niche publishers such as Sound on Sound. We fully expect many more to follow as Twixl continues to excel in terms of both functionality and price.

Q3 2016 – Veterinary Business Development sign-up for Enterprise

VBD publish several niche products such as the Veterinary Times and Congress Times. With an expanding business VBD recognised the need for a more structured and workflow based system, and turned to MSL for assistance. By implementing WoodWing Enterprise at the heart of the publishing process, VBD are able to meet the more immediate objectives, but will also seek further benefits in the future via automations and integrations with other systems. 

Q4 2015 – LexisNexis sign-up for WoodWing Enterprise & Elvis DAM

The LexisNexis Group is a corporation providing computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services. During the 1970s, LexisNexis pioneered the electronic accessibility of legal and journalistic documents. With an increasing need to centrally manage content for their publications and to automate integrations with multiple internal channels, the decision was taken to deploy WoodWing's multi-channel publishing system, Enterprise. In addition Elvis DAM will be used as an interactive archive, making it easier to find and re-use content as needed by anyone in the business.

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